Progressive cavity pumps

NETZSCH positive displacement pumps in high range of capacities and construction materials, from sterile pharma execution to heavy duty process pumps


NETZSCH revolutionary Lobe pumps with capacity range up to 1000qm/h. the pumps are exceptionally reliable, easy to maintain and have a compact design.

Lobe Pumps

Heat Exchangers

Kelvion Plate Heat- exchangers for liquids and gaseous products. The HE are available in gasketed design, semi welded, fully welded, tube&shell and more

Heat exchangers

Kelvion Fin Tube HE for Energy recovery, cooling or heating of gaseous stream.

Fin tube heat exchangers

Process Equipment

Mills and Shredder
Sifters and air classifiers
Universal Impact Mills
Alpine Fine impact and classifier mills form medium to fine particles. Mills are equipped with exchangeable inserts for the chemical, pharma, food and minerals industries
Jet mills
Alpine jet mills and fluidized bed opposed jet mills with integrated dynamic classifiers for extremely hard substances. Jet mills enable super fine milling and easy cleaning.
Bead Mills
Buehler Bead Mills for wet grinding & Dispersing down to several microns or Nano-micron particles size
Alpine Granulators and Shredders for coarse grinding of products for the chemical, plastic and recycling industries
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Centrifugal Sifters
Gericke Centrifugal sifters for the mineral, chemical, pharma and food industries
Vibrating Screens
Mogensen and Joest heavy duty Vibrating screening machines, single or multi decks (up to 6 fractions). For minerals, mining and similar applications.
Tumbler Screens
Allgaier Tumbler screening machines for fine separation (up to 6 fractions), low frequency and high amplitude movement
Air Classifiers
Alpine Air Classifiers for fine separation in the range of few hundred microns down to single microns
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Centrifuges and filters
Rousselet- Robatel
Basket or peeler type centrifuges for solid-liquid separation for the chemical and pharma industries.
Filter press
High quality automatic or manual operated filter presses for industrial application
Pressure leaf filter
Vertical and horizontal pressure leaf filters allow processing of high capacities in safe and contained process
Extractors / Decanters
Rousselet Robatel centrifugal extractors and decanter for liquid/liquid seperation
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Dryers, granulators and coolers
Drum Dryers
Allgaier heavy duty rotary drum dryers and coolers for the mineral and chemical industries
Fluidized Bed Dryers
Allgaier FB dryers and coolers for gentle and efficient handling of products in the chemical, mineral and food applications
Pastilators and belt coolers
Kaiser pastilators and cooling steel belts for hot- melt solidification and cooling processes
Vacuum & filter dryers
Olsa Vacuum dryers and filter dryer and for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries
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Conveying, dosing and mixing
Pneumatic conveying
A wide range of GERICKE pneumatic conveying systems, vacuum or positive, diluted or dense phase for variety of applications.
GERICKE high precision volumetric feeders and loss-in-weight feeders, for different applications
Discharge stations
GERICKE sack tipping and big-bags emptying stations for dust free discharge according to the most strict regulations.
Powder Mixers
GERICKE powder mixers and granulators resulting in homogenous product. Suitable for fine powders.
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